A progressive approach to your health & fitness

Boutique Fitness programs are designed with your progress in mind. We deliver tools and resources that are sustainable, realistic, and functional so that you can achieve fitness for life.

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BF Programs are designed to address fitness & nutrition

These comprehensive programs will give you the tools, resources, and community to help you conquer a healthy and fit lifestyle. Led by Boutique Fitness coaches, each program is delivered in nuggets so you can fully benefit from the material in real time. We understand the weight of balancing family, work, and self care, and we have designed these programs to open up options for you to thrive. xo

21 Days

January 2-22, 2022

A FREE intro to intermittent fasting

See you next year!

Building Resilience

March 2022

A FREE 7-day series

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Spring Special 2021

May 1- June 11, 2022

6 weeks until summer!

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Raise Your State

October 2-22, 2022

3 week reset series

registration is open!

Progress, not perfection.

Each day we strive for progress, one step in the right direction that will lead to the next step in the right direction. Taking the first step is crucial.

The time is now.