September 10 - November 20

This fall can absolutely be filled with more energy, beautiful skin, restful sleep, and better fitting clothes.

Join the 10in10 Challenge and commit to a full season of resources, motivation, and results.

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Summer is just about wrapping up, which means it’s time to sign up for the 10in10 Challenge and commit to a full season of resources, motivation, and results. 


The 10in10 Challenge

Our staple nutrition program where we keep things lite and relevant with handy resources and fun challenges. We focus on 10 pillars of health & fitness over 10 weeks; allowing for habits to sink in, lbs to fall off, and wellness to radiate through.


September 10 - November 20.

Celebrating 10 years of the 10in10 Challenge!

We're celebrating this awesome milestone with a commemorative tin cup! Join us for an incredible 10 week journey and enjoy your gift!

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Weekly Focus

We break it all down to the most important thing to focus on weekly. Who doesn’t love the top 10?


All your resources together in one PDF so you can stay on your game and truly manage your progress.

10 Minutes

Weekly workout ‘shorts’ (short videos) to help you add 10 minutes of *awesome* to every day and really create change in your body.


Access to our Video on Demand library so you can get your workout in anytime, anywhere.

Meal Plan

Sample meal plans that will satisfy your hunger and meet your color goals. *Also available for plant based diets.


You could win swag, virtual sessions, in-studio sessions, and some other fun items to be announced as we go ;)


Don’t think of it as your mom telling you to clean your room… Think of it as your BFF having your back. We will be your go-to people for all things great AND all things disastrous (when it comes to food choices). Because we all know that if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. We are here to talk you off your ledge, to celebrate your successes, and to share all things positive.

What have you got to lose?


"I loved it! I was in need of a reset after the craziness of the pandemic and losing myself in mom life. It was nice to be doing something for me. It has made me feel better about myself and I feel healthier with my better food choices."

B. Coble


"So glad I did this program! It helped me get back on track and even stronger on good habits I’ve had but let lapse. Best features for me: 10 week length is long enough to build habits even through some failure moments, a simple set of ongoing goals, and the layer of a different weekly challenges which kept things from getting boring."

A. Lockwood


"I’m so happy I did this challenge! It changed my mindset about weight loss and making new routines. Normally if I slack off just once it’s all over and I fail hard but this time I was able to come back to the challenge again and again without waiting for a new month. Thanks for the support on FB and the app, also the reminders during sessions were helpful."

N. Southworth

You may be wondering...

Your commitment to the 10in10 is a commitment to a healthier and more fit life.

It’s your life, your health, your fitness, and ultimately your timeline… But not starting won’t get you anywhere. Throwing in the towel is never an option - there is plenty of space for being human. The bottom line is that this program will give you everything you need to move forward; and moving forward is all that matters.
Take this next step and begin your journey forward. Making this promise to yourself will set the stage for a season of improvement, progress, and results. Sign up for the 10in10 and prepare to enter the holiday season with a happy heart and a healthy disposition. Join us for 10 weeks of good habits, great vibes, and sweet success.
Excuses are a dime a dozen, but a positive approach is priceless. You alone can remove the roadblocks before the head-trash takes over. There really is no such thing as tomorrow - there’s only today.

10 weeks to sweet success

Commit to a full season of resources, motivation, and results!

Celebrate 10 years of the 10in10 with us and also receive a commemorative tine cup!

Sign up today!

Today you will make a change.

Today you will commit

to being more healthy & fit.

Today is the day!