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a 'reset' series

Loaded with inspiration and resources to raise your state and keep it elevated so you can achieve your wellness goals.

October 2-22, 2022

10 lessons, 3 weeks for only $36

All the love and motivation  

from our beloved 10in10 Challenge in action packed, bite size treats over three weeks in October.

Plus, each lesson is complete with an audio recording so you can easily access the content.

Everything you need to stay motivated & resilient:

Tracksheet &

Resource Book

This is where you put pen to paper and do the important work of owning your actions. You have to open your eyes in order to see clearly. These resources will help you move forward with your eyes wide open.

Mantra Library &

Funday Playlist

These are your feel good tools! Building your mantra / tagline library will be a powerful exercise in releasing some feel-good hormones. It will also be your go-to place for reminding yourself 'why'. The funday playlist is just for fun ;)

Weekly recipes &


Helping you eliminate some decision making so you can just get to work. The truth is that you don't need perfection, you just need consistency. With your weekly recipes and workouts, you can shed the stress of figuring out what to do.

October 2 - 22, 2022  

There is a powerful shift in results when you are able to shift your state. Whether it's more energy you're looking for, more confidence, or even weight loss, it all starts with raising your state.

Raise Your State will shower you with practical guidance and all the resources, tips, and tools you'll need to raise your state and achieve your wellness goals. 

Do this for you. You're the only one who can.

Commit to the best version of YOU this fall.

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What 3 weeks of RYS looks like:

With so much to gain, what have you got to lose?

Register today for only $36