Building Resilience

through challenging times and beyond.

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Building Resilience:

A free 7-day Series

Too often we think about mental health through the lens of weakness, fragility or something that needs to be fixed. But here is the thing, we all have mental health and there is nothing weak or frail about tending to it when it needs tending, just like a garden. And just like a garden, we have to cultivate techniques and strategies that build our resilience to support us in being strong and adaptable.

Boutique Fitness Coach, Jennifer Finn, who is a board-certified health and wellness coach, (NBC-HWC), and also specializes in Mental Health Coaching, would like to invite you to join her in a 7-day series on “Building Resilience During Challenging Times and Beyond”.


March 15 - 21


registration is now closed

  • Daily video
  • Daily focus
  • Tools & resources
  • One private chat with Jenn
  • One group chat at the start and one at the end of the program.

Coach Jenn Finn

Jenn is a board-certified health and wellness coach, (NBC-HWC), specializing in Mental Health Coaching. She is also a part time strength and conditioning coach at Boutique Fitness, Mattapoisett.

"Jenn had no idea the struggle I had going today. She was absolutely amazing and after our session I felt like a new girl!"

- Betsey

Resilience is real, and it's most accessible with the right support.