6 weeks of awesome.

The Spring Special is a powerful opportunity to get laser focused and kick things into high gear. This 6-week program is action-packed and loaded with everything you need to make 2021 look and feel amazing.

Registration closes Sunday, April 25

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Let's spring into summer, shall we?

Springtime is full of anticipation and longing for warm days, sunshine, friends, and tank tops ;) It’s the big lead into the summer and holds so much potential for positive change - something I believe we can all sink our teeth into. 

Do you realize what 6 weeks of putting the pedal to the metal with your fitness and nutrition can do for you? It's a game changer and it will rock your world.

The Spring Special is loaded with services and goodies valued at more than $500, but if you commit to these 6, you get all this incredible value for $180. 

Here’s what it includes:

Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly meal plans from Kristin, complete with a shopping list and meal prep ‘how-to’ videos.

Use it as a guide, a sample, or as gospel... A meal plan from Kristin is always simple, efficient, and delicious!

Unlimited Virtual Workouts

You'll get a special unlimited virtual package for the full 6 weeks!

There will also be a special Sunday workout with Angela just for this group... and it could be live & outdoors!

Weekly Video

A total body workout from Lara, made specially for the Spring Special that incorporates mobility with functional strength.

You'll also have access to our Video on Demand library!

One on One

Nutrition Coaching

You are unique, as are your nutrition needs. Kristin will help you hone in on all the specifics that will make YOUR nutrition journey a success.

Saturday Yoga!

Who doesn't love a Saturday morning yoga class? 8:45am (just after Angela's 8am virtual) Cindi will be bringing you her love and enthusiasm for yoga via zoom. 


As a member of the Spring Special you'll also receive a special 'sweat local' tank top and set of branded minibands for your workouts!


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You may be wondering:

  • What if I’m not a Boutique Fitness client? Totally OK! Our online programs are open to everyone. There is no in-studio commitment required.
  • Can I do the virtual workouts if I don’t have equipment at home? Yes! All of our virtual workouts can be modified to bodyweight. However, if you really want to push the envelope on your fitness, we do recommend a set of dumbbells that you can safely press overhead (8 - 15lbs). You will also be getting your minibands from us and we will make sure to give you plenty of opportunity to use them.
  • I feel so out of shape, is this too advanced for me? Everybody's on their own journey and it’s up to us as your coaches to make sure that you get what YOU need from this experience. We are experts at modifying and adjusting so that we can meet you where you are. We just ask that you follow our lead and communicate with us so we can serve you best.
  • 6 weeks is a long time. I’m not sure I can hang on that long. Yes, 6 weeks can feel like a long time to put the pedal to the medal, but the goal is to get you in a groove so you can continue with your new fit habits far beyond the 6 weeks. Think of it as a turbo charge for the rest of the year. Plus, your 100% may vary from day to day and that’s ok. 6 weeks is a perfect amount of time to stir the pot and come away with great results. You can do this!
  • I’m so busy, I’m not sure I can make time for it. This is about making time for you. Your ‘busy’ should include more of that. The simple remedy is to make a plan… and this plan is made for you. You have so many options and flexibility to really benefit from the effort you put in (not necessarily just the time). There is no striving for perfection here - we strive for progress, and this simple mental shift is already heading in that direction ;) 
  • I hate dieting. We hear ya! The simple truth is that we have to eat to live. That’s why Kristin’s meal plans are so awesome… it’s not a diet. It’s responsible eating. If we can come to terms with how hard we are willing to work and what our bodies are capable of achieving (it’s different for everyone), then we can take ownership of the results. Oftentimes it’s the small changes that yield the greatest results. Working one on one with Kristin will give you an invaluable opportunity to make subtle shifts that will rock your world. 
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What's being said about the Spring Special 2020:


"The spring special was amazing! The workouts and daily habits were incredibly reasonable and effective. I really feel like the habits are going to stick and I am going to continue being stronger and healthier because of the program. It is one of the things that kept me in a positive frame of mind during the crazy days at home in this pandemic!"

- Katie Kirk

"I love the nutrition challenges from Boutique Fitness! Each time I learn something new about my eating habits and how to better myself. The Spring Special was exactly what I needed without even knowing it. Thanks to the workouts with Angela and Lara, and the daily habits from Kristin I quickly fell back in love with focusing on proper nutrition and getting my workouts in daily."

- Bridget Hoye

"This challenge came at very important time for me. On the heals of COVID-19, and following some challenging winter months, I knew I needed to do something to start feeling better in my body, and return to healthier habits and routines. The SS provided all of that and more. I really enjoyed being able to do workouts at home. They kicked my butt at first but it got easier as the weeks went on Kristin’s feedback, support and knowledge was awesome and she provided just the right amount of accountability and push I needed to stay on track! Thanks to the strong and beautiful women of the BF community. Stay safe and Be Well!"

- Cathy Rutkowski

Spring into Summer

Commit to these six weeks and you'll feel like a million bucks by summer. xo

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